Tuesday, 4 August 2009

First day

Well, arrived safely in Singapore. Our first reaction is that they are still building the place. When we were last here in 1996 they were building and it's still going on. The old Colonial buildings are still there but even more surrounded by high rise buildings.
If there was any reason to doubt the downturn in trade, you only have to look out to sea. There are container and other ships moored as far as the eye can see. Probably awaiting an upturn in trade, yet Singapore continues to grow!
I have to say that Quantas were superb. Comfortable seats, lots of attention and the food looked good enough to eat, although I declined everything but soft drinks. Only because this is a recent recommendation if you want to ward off jet lag. Don't eat on board. Wait until you arrive. So, where is the nearest Singapore noodle bar....?
We got a complementary hotel room upgrade, so the internet access for the netbook is free. It's the first time this netbook has been anywhere near a CAT5 lead!
Signing off from day 1.

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