Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Well, it is winter down here!

Our last day in the Adelaide area, so we drove into Glenelg and took the tram into Adelaide city for a last look around. Not much has changed in the 5 years since we were last here except the trams themselves! They've got new ones and they go further into the city than they used to.

Like Brisbane, Adelaide exudes a vibrance like that of some UK cities twenty years ago but sadly now lacking (or maybe I'm just getting old - but if so, why do I still feel it here?).

The average age of those around us must have been in their twenties.
One other thing we noticed. Every third person we saw was of Asian extract. Things are a-changing.

The storm didn't really affect us here, but some areas of Adelaide had long power cuts and even now, some 20 hours later, it is still stormy out there. The sea off Glenelg was wild.

Aukland tomorrow and unless anything newsworthy happens in the meantime, the next blog will be from Aukland.

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