Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A further update

I have been collecting together all the bits I have to take out with me. It is amazing just how many chargers, memory cards, cameras, phones and parts for people I have had to get together!

I notice that the good ol' pound has been falling against the all the other currencies we need. I'm glad we have already purchased ours. If we were to keep them for a few weeks we might actually make some money!

We are going to use Cash Passports for the first time. Travellers cheques are all but dead now and these things look like the future.

Vodafone are roaming-charge free with Vodafone 'Passport' until the end of August, so we will be using a different phone number on this trip. The offer works in Australia and New Zealand as well as across Europe. Worth getting a free Vodafone SIM card and putting it into a spare phone? We think so. And with a Freedom pack, it looks unbeatable at the moment.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Purpose of the trip

On the 3rd August my wife and I depart for a trip to Australia, taking in Singapore on the way down and New Zealand and Hong Kong on the way back. We are linking up with various radio amateurs and clubs on our trip including several club talks in South Australia.
Foremost is our trip to Ularu for Shirley's birthday!
Assuming we have web access at a few places on the way, I intend to send reports to this blog, including some photos on our progress along the way.

Initial post

If all goes according to plans I will post regular blogs to this page during our trip down under. Of necessity these will be amateur related posts!