Monday, 24 August 2009

Kingston on Thames was never like this!

Tony, VK5KAI

On our way back from Hatherleigh and Robe we stopped off at Kingston on the south coast. There we visited with Tony, VK5KAI, the ARISS Coordinator for the Pacific region (I hope I got that right!).
Tony has an impressive array of antennas for the satellite bands as well as a super shack, that is well set-up for satellite operation. His workshop was equally impressive. Thanks to Tony and his XYL for the visit.
Kingston now hosts the Cape Jaffa lighthouse. It was re-located to Kingston from its original location at nearby Cape Jaffa as it was no longer in use and was in danger of falling into the sea.
It is a most unusual lighthouse, as you can see. When it was at its original location it housed two families, one on each of the btwo enclosed lower floors. There were up to five children in each family. I can image what a worry this must have been for the parents, living high up in a lighthouse on the Jaffa cape!

Kingston is famous for its giant lobster outside the (currently) unused cafe/restaurant on the Princes Highway. Everyone stops to take photos of the Lobster.
It's a pity I can't get the photo off the camera that we used to take it! It will have to wait until we get home.....

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