Friday, 14 August 2009

Slower than a lame dingo's back leg

G'day from Brisbane.
Although I'm on the hotel BB network it is SLOW and expensive, so I'll limit what I include today.

We had a great day with our friends Doug and Ruth yesterday. We've now seen Morton Bay and several of the choicest /p sites for microwave operation. Doug has worked ZL on 23cm from one of these sites.

Today we went to Australia Zoo. You know. Home of The Croc Hunter, the late Steve Irwin.

I think it would be an understatement to say this is the best zoo I've ever been to. The live shows are the best orchestrated and most sympathetic I've ever seen. Crikey!

The winter temperatures are holding up well. It was around 20 to 22C today as far as I can make out. Certainly shirt sleeve weather.

No pictures for now, although the number of videos and snaps Shar and I have taken will take for ever to sort out when we return.

Sam in Brisi.


  1. Hi Sam looks like the holiday of a lifetime is proving to be just that. I think you're more likely to see camels than Roos out there, unless they're on your dinner plate (yeuk!) Here, my back has micraculously sorted itself out after 7 days of agony, so I've been able to take down the 6m beam. Final score mixed MS and Es over the 3 weeks was 13 DXCC entities INCLUDING 5B4! Not bad for an antenna almost on the ground. Nothing much more exciting to report, the 200W 23cmer is nearly done, I power up the second 100W unit tomorrow, and I've got 4 x 300Watt 10-600MHz LDMOS devices, from Christian, to play with! I'm plucking up the courage to take the main mast down and fix 3cms again, but not pushing my luck just yet!

  2. Pleased that you are having a good time - you are not missing much here in the way of conditions - they are obviously going to appear in about a week when you and I are both away. Very strong EA1 on 2m last night but nothing else....put the 13cm pre-amp back on the mast so need some DX to test it out!!