Thursday, 6 August 2009

Is this Wednesday or Thursday?

Brr, it's cold down here.....! Back into winter.
Have arrived safely in Adelaide. Our flight from Singapore arrived here at dawn and it was chilly once we left the airport. However, we expect it to reach about 21C later today!
The view out over the Gulf of St Vincent, both from the plane on the way in and later from the car driving down to Happy Valley, was absolutely fantastic
Tomorrow it's off to Ularu (Ayers Rock) via Alice Springs.
Still nothing, radio wise, to report on at this early stage although I am expecting a call from a local amateur down here later this evening. This should set up a date for a talk to the local radio club here in Adelaide.
Sam, down under.


  1. Another wingeing Pom! It's too cold, its too hot! Look on the bright side, you could be at home like me, scarcely unable to bend over or sit down since my back "went" earlier this week. I'm taking Diclofenac, which apparently kills Vultures, so at least if the Vultures eat me while I'm crawling to reach something to help me stand up, they'll die as well.

    Live long and prosper!

  2. Waiting for the 'Big Lift' here as the sun has been shining for 2 days in a row but it hasn't arrived yet!! More likely to be RS later this afternoon as it is in the high 20's and very humid! As you didn't eat on the plane, presumably you had time to write about beacons? (only joking!) I work on the principle of not drinking alcohol on the plane to avoid Jet Lag and catching up on arrival!

    Enjoy Ularu....