Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I guess we were due one screw-up

Unfortunately Qantas forgot to inform us our flight to Sydney, and then on to Aukland, was changed. It was moved up 1.5 hours.
Consequently we missed the new flight by 30 minutes and are now booked on a later flight via Melbourne (two trips to Victoria on this holiday, then!). This means we get into Aukland around local midnight and since I don't fancy picking up the rental car at 1am and then driving into an unknown city to find an unknown hotel in the early hours of the morning, we've phoned ahead and cancelled our previous hotel booking and informed the car rental company we will be picking up tomorrow. We've also managed to find a hotel local to the airport in Aukland so that we can take their shuttle to and from the airport.
At least Qantas have done the honourable thing and allowed us into their lounge (with WiFi access!)
to wait the extra 3 hours. We still have to pursuade them we need access at Melbourne for the wait for flights down there.
I am really glad we brought a netbook on this trip. What would be do without it!

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