Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Alice Airport

A short update from the airport at Alice
We mistimed a flight this morning so we are at the airport rather than visiting the Flying Doctor museum. However, our airport taxi driver kindly took us to the top of Anzac Hill, here in the centre of Alice. This turned out to be the perfect viewing place to see all of Alice laid out before us. A full 360 degree view of the town.
Alice is indeed located in a bowl in the Mc Donnell ranges. A narrow gap carries the Todd river through the gap to the south, where the airport is located. Of course the Todd is dry at the moment and the annual river race is due later this month. They are praying for no rain! Only once in the 22 year history of the race has water stopped the event........!!!

We've been in touch with our friends in Brisbane and will be with them later today via a flight to Sydney (no direct flights from here). It is likely to be a little cooler there.

enough for now. From sunny, warm, Alice Springs.

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