Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I have decided to re-launch my blog. I originally started it so that I could blog whilst on my trip 'down under' back in the summer of 2009.
It appears to me that this is a great medium for posting current project and operating news.

I have completed my February GHz bands column for Radcom and submitted it to the editor to be laid out in Desktop published format. The February column (out in January) will carry part 6 of my 'Getting started in EME' series. This is the first of two parts on pre-amps.

Good news. I received my AE5OT licence paperwork from the FCC. Then last Friday (4th Dec) the FCC issued my vanity callsign, W5DDK. I don't have the paperwork for that yet, but the grant appears on the FCC web site, so I should now be able to use it, if I choose to. I need another trip to the USA!

Recently I have been playing with WSPR on 500kHz. Since I don't have an NoV for this band I can only listen and monitor the band.
On WSPR I have copied the G4JNT, G3XBM and G7NKS beacons as well as CW from G3KEV. All of this with an untuned 7m vertical and during the daytime.
The vertical is part of an MFJ1792 40/80m top loaded vertical.
Today I assembled the remainder of the 40m/80m antenna and guyed it at the 12 and 24 foot levels. It looks massive at 33 foot high!
The antenna still needs tuning on 80m, where I was unable to load it, but on 40m, using WSPR, I received signals from VK2 and a W1 as well as all over Europe and T6
The signals from WSPR beacons on 500kHz were all slightly stronger than with the 7 m vertical.

73 de Sam