Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Roger Miller

Trailer for sale or rent;
Rooms to let, 50cents;
No phones, no pools, no (inter) net.......

Yes, no mobile phones in Kings Canyon and although there was internet access, You needed to go to the Reception to access it! All this conspired to prevent me blogging yesterday. Sorry about that.

So, King's Canyon.
Beautiful desert/mountain location. Saw one dingo, no Roos, three wild horses.

We were up before dawn this morning and started the Kings Canyon Rim walk by moon light. Now that was something. Shirley and I are so glad we are reasonably fit. Some of the rest of our party struggled on the climb, but I'm pleased to say everyone completed the walk.
It was 31C and well into daylight by the time we got back to the resort. And we were too late for breakfast by the time we got back........

I must just add here that the

The 6km walk took our party 3.5 hours with extemely rocky terrain that began with a 500 - 700ft foot climb. The view from the rim is unbelievable. This really was a view back in time some 300 million years. Truly a primaeval landscape.

The near-500km coach journey brought us from Kings Canyon to Alice Springs, retracing our steps for 165km back along the Kings Canyon Highway before turning east on the Lasseter Highway and then north on the famous Stuart Highway, to Alice Springs.

Yesterday we travelled over 300km by coach from Ayers Rock to Kings Canyon along the Lasseter Highway and then the Kings Canyon highway.

The large table-top mountain on the way to Ayers Rock turned out to be Mt Conner. This looks like another interesting place to visit some time. It is a over 100km from Ayers rock and within 1 degree of a straight line from the Olgas, through Ayers Rock to Mt Conner. We passed through 8 cattle stations on the route to Kings Canyon. The sizes of these are beyond our imagination.

I'll try to say more about Kings Canyon another day. Right now, Alice Springs town is not at all what we exepcted. It is modern, bustling, prosperous and it's nestled in the Mc Donnell mountain range!

Enough rambling. My PieWiFi voucher seems to be holding up. In spite of it being a 25AUD voucher with a 3 day time-out, the voucher still says 209AUD left on the card. It's a pity I can't use it after today!


right in the centre of the red continent.

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