Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Day 2 (3 actually)

View from the 19th floor bedroom window of the Furama Riverfront hotel. Down town Singapore.

Good morning. Rise and shine. At least it is here. 31C at the moment.
Still in Singapore. This is a very nice hotel and the breakfast went down a treat after 36 hours without eating! We fly out of here at 11pm this evening, so after we check out we will spend a little time at the Botanical gardens, just about a mile north of the hotel.

I wonder what the propagation is like down here, 200 miles from the equator?


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  1. Hi Sam,
    Wish I was there ....hi Next time you need a tea boy, let me know. Aman of your experience would of packed a small horn, 3cm tvtr and some batterries for a listen, or perhaps you took the small 10ghz to 18mhz receiver with you and a portable ssb radio like the barlow wadley or one of the Sony brands.

    Have a safe trip and enjoy!