Saturday, 22 August 2009

Holy smoke. Back to the bat cave......

Back in Adelaide after 3 days in the Lime Coast region of SA. First, I should thank our friends Chris, VK5MC and his XYL, Josie, for their hospitality over the last few days. It was a real pleasure staying with them on their 5000 acre station. For us, a real eye opener about farm life down under. We also got to see a lot of SA that we didn't get to see last time down there in 2004.
I'm much wiser about Moreno ewes and the advantages of covering them with Leicester rams to produce fat lambs!

Chris' 30 foot EME dish is a sight to behold. Real bush engineering at its very best. I also got to the see the site of the famous 2m Rhombic antenna (alas, no more).

So, Holy smoke?

I was invited for a ride on the fire engine whilst it was taken for its weekly run out to charge the batteries and check all the radios etc worked as they should. A 4 wheel drive, 3000 litre pump is an awe inspiring vehicle. And, hey, I didn't get to ring the bell! These engines are similar to the types used to fight the recent Victoria forest fires near Melbourne.

Bat caves?

We visited the Narrocort fossil caves and wet caves. These are interesting as these World Heritage sites contain the remains (not fossils) of Australian animals and reptiles going back 480 thousand years. A site well worth the visit.

Anyway, enough from me for the moment. I'll have more to write about tomorrow. BTW. We are taking less of a ribbing about the cricket at the moment...........

Sam and Shirley in Adelaide.

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