Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Time to re-acquaint ourselves with Adelaide

A CODAN HF vertical antenna on the front of the coach.

Sunset from the picnic spot in Toowoomba, QLD.

We had a 'down' day yesterday after two weeks of being constantly on the go. Today we will take a drive over to the coast and enjoy the scenery along the Gulf of St Vincent. The weather forecasters have promised a warmer day than yesterday, when it only reached the mid teens. Today we should reach around 20C. At least the sun is out and that makes all the difference. Although it rained yesterday and goodness knows that they need the rain down here, that did make it seem duller and colder than it actually was. I didn't even venture outside yesterday!
I'm looking forward to re-newing old acquaintances at this evening's meeting.

I did learn one piece of information about Adelaide. That is where those HF verticals mounted on all the AAT Kings coaches I mentioned, are actually made. I don't suppose I will get to see the factory though.

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  1. Hi Sam

    Good to catch up with you yesterday - When the BW is right then Skype works remarkably well irrespective of distance! I hope you appreciated my Paisley dressing gown!!!! Forgot to mention that I put the 13cm preamp + 23/13 switching back on the mast at last!! Not only did I have a faulty SMA relay but also the earthing on the switch box was 'less than perfect' so it works a lot better now!!

    Still no conditions of any note but the temperature is forecast to reach 29degrees tomorrow. Thursday not so good but still predicting that everyone will be working real DX from Friday onwards when I go on holiday....

    Continue to enjoy yourselves.