Wednesday, 21 November 2018

LNB received

Second Octagon LNB received. Now to open it and check which reference it uses. 25 or 27MHz. 25MHz I hope!
Note that this one has 1301 rather than 1309 on the label, as was expected.......opening it is the only option to if I want to be sure.

And, very disappointed. 27MHz reference. Apparently I misread the online data on LNBs and it was actually another 1609 that I needed.

I won’t be able to try the tests I wanted on this one and as the ordering process seems to be pretty random, I don’t feel inclined to order yet another one unless I can specify it as a 1609.

I did try to use my FT817 to listen to whether the reference was 25 or 27MHz. Even with the antenna on the 817 very close to the LNB I could not detect any carrier at either frequency. There was a tremendous amount of digital ‘hash’ however.

I eventually opened the LNB (carefully) to check that it did, indeed, have a 27MHz crystal (in fact two) and the 3560 PLL chip.


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