Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Prompted by a visit from G7OCD yesterday I decided to sort out my PCB etching facilities.
For some months I have been unable to run my Mega triple tank etching system because the clear etch crystal solution had crystalised out, trapping the PCB holder and making it difficult to remove the tank lid to pour in near-boiling water to dissolve the crystals in the solution. I eventually had to cut the retainers from the lid, allowing me to remove it and gain access!
With access I was able to (eventually) pour in the hot water and then syphon out the spent solution. That didn't go too well as the syphon sucked up crystals and stopped working. It didn't matter what I did, I couldn't get it working again.
As I had to go to Rapid Electronics to get new crystals and other components I added a new syphon to the growing list.
These come in pairs and even the first of these also gummed up. However, the other syphon worked OK and the tank is now empty, ready for a new etching solution to be added tomorrow.
I also bought new sensitised PCB material, universal solvent and some other stuff. Now I can etch the new 4m transverter board and the two PA driver boards.


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