Saturday, 9 February 2013

Clean up

The last two days have been given over to cleaning up the shack, which over the last year had become virtually uninhabitable!
It is amazing what you find in boxes, carefully put on one side because they are not immediately required.
One such was a perfectly good Tek current probe and mA/mV converter. It should be perfect for RF current measurements on 472kHz. Now, if only I could find a second one!
I also found my old T7F 70cm FM transceiver and two TNCs. One is a Tiny 2 and the other is a BSX2.
A lot of old PCBs were disposed of. These were mainly old computer and router boards, but included a few RF boards.
The shack floor and under the bench really looks a lot clearer now, but there is still another day or two of cleaning to be done. The test equipment bench may be clear, but a significant amount of stuff found its way onto the work bench!

73 de Sam

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