Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Some results of tests with isolator and relays

Prior to putting my 23cm EME system back on-air I thought I would check out some isolators and relays I had used previously.
I had thought about using the Totsu CX600N at the output of the TS2000X, but the results show this is not a good idea. That relay is just OK at 432MHz, but definitely not at 1296MHz!
I have two identical 1200Mhz range isolators. The 'black' one shows the best results at 1296MHz, so will be used for the TS2000X transmitter 'protection'.
The isolator gives 0.33dB insertion loss ( forward) and 23.9dB reverse loss with reverse return loss of 16.3dB
CX600N @1296MHz
Insertion loss common to NC with other port terminated in 50R
Insertion loss common to NO ( relay operated) =0.19dB
Isolation common to NO 20.25dB
NC to NO isolation = 19.9dB
RLC electronics relay @1296MHz
Insertion loss common to NC or NO with other port terminated
= <0.1dB
Isolation common to NC or NO = ~85dB
NC to NO isolation = ~90dB
Not shown is the Relcomm RDL-SR006 relay used for preamp isolation
The main parameter here is insertion loss. This measured <0.1dB ( 0.06dB measured but there are uncertainties of the same order!).
I need to confirm the isolation figures again. But they were good.

More later.
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