Sunday, 25 November 2012

A purpose in life!

My current thoughts are that I will write about my EME actvities, in the main, although there will be other stuff as well.
With the final part of the ARRL EME contest next weekend there is obviously a lot of interest, judging from the number of requests I am getting for preamps and spare parts for VLNA preamps!
I am going to try and get my own 23cm system up and running for next weekend and will aim to have a few QSOs.
I was active on receive only in the 50-1296MHz section at the beginning of this month. There were a lot of stations visible on my Spectravue screen. Unfortunately MAP65 performed rather poorly and only the bigger stations decoded. Changing to JT65C, decodes were close to 100% on all but the weakest stations.
As far as I can tell, there has been no wind damage to the dish or mast ( luffed over from the previous wind storm, last week) from last night's storm, at my QTH. Lots of branches down on surrounding country roads and lanes.
73 de Sam

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