Sunday, 6 September 2009

ng on!

Or, in English, good afternoon!

I am beginning to run out of superlatives about places we have visited. We certainly seem to have left one of the best until last. As lovely as Singapore, Australia and New Zealand have been, this place is really something else. It must rank as one, if not the, most wonderous man-made places on earth. The view of Hong Kong and Kowloon, as we entered by transfer bus yesterday evening was overwhelming. Lights. Everywhere. And the Harvest full moon, rising above the tower blocks was just about unbelievable. It really is a place you have to see for yourself.

Not everything is perfect. The crowds and the noise can be too much. Even on a Sunday afternoon Kowloon was packed with families out doing whatever families do in a large city on a Sunday!

We booked a short tour around the harbour on one of the little Star ferries. That gave us a better idea of the layout of the waterfront. As value for money it would be hard to beat. Tomorrow we are booked on a longer tour of Hong Kong, starting with the tram ride to the top of Victoria Peak and followed by a sampan ride and a visit to the Stanley market.


  1. Sam - say 'Hi' to my cousin if you see him in HK. He doesn't look like me but his name is Murchie so shouldn't be too difficult to identify!!! I have returned from EA3 to discover that Inverse Sod's Law has operated. There doesn't appear to have been 'a big lift' whilst you and I were both away............Remember when we used to have 'conditions'??? See you when you get back.



  2. Hope you enjoy the white knuckle ride to Stanley. Front seat top deck of the bus is best! Don't think H&S has reached HK yet – note the bamboo scaffolding.