Tuesday, 1 September 2009

And yet more rain!

We are now back in Aukland and thanks to some poor map reading, we've seen a little of the North Shore region of the city.

In spite of the rain we were able to visit the Huka Falls again, on the way back to Aukland. This time we were able to see the falls from the land side. It's still impressive so see 100m wide, 4m deep water chanel into a 4m wide, 10m deep channel before pouring over the falls. The roar is deafening!
We were able to contact Kevin Murphy in Hamilton and met up for lunch. This was followed by a visit to Kevin's company for a look round the repair facilities. Even Shirley was fascinated to see all the activities going on there! Thanks Kevin.
Tomorrow morning (at some disgusting hour of the morning) we are off to Sydney. More blogs from the New Zealand 'western island'.............

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