Wednesday, 9 January 2019


Yesterday I announced on my web page, and in a couple of reflector messages, that I would no longer be producing transverter kits. These have proven to be very time consuming to produce, to the detriment of my involvement in the hobby. Added to that the stock handling and holding is a pain, although the whole excercise has been interesting and shown there is still a demand for this type of radio equipment. VHF and up SDR radios have not taken over entirely!

I am in discussion with a well known and established company to take over producing the transverter kits, but it is early days and no guarantee it will happen. The economics may well rule it out.

I still have stocks of many transverter parts, but I will not be putting these into full kits; instead I will make them available as parts only to anyone wanting to build an  Iceni or Anglian transverter, prior to having a new supplier. After that it will depend on my agreement with the new owner.

I am no longer arranging to hold new stocks of the WA5VJB PCB antennas. Again, I still have existing stocks of these antennas to sell. Although not a particularly time consuming part of my kit business, arranging to acquire adequate stock of some antennas can sometimes be frustrating.

I will continue to produce my VLNA and PGA low noise preamp kits. These are far less time consuming to produce!


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