Thursday, 21 September 2017

Future of this Blog

A number of my blog readers have asked why my later postings have all disappeared?
I tried to remove the whole blog, without success, so I have been gradually removing individual postings. This is a slow process. Not made easier by iPad Blogger 64 bit!

In the meantime, because of so many requests to keep  blogging, I have decided to start a new blog. It will contain the usual eclectic mix of radio and travel related postings.

I have found Blogger to be a most awkward platform, over the years, and no longer fit for my purpose.
I'll keep this one for now but will announce on here when and where the new blog will appear.
My grateful thanks to the Blogger people for the use of their platform and to all those who have been loyal readers. I hope you enjoy the new blog, when it is ready.


  1. Why not just leave this blog, but don't update it - , as removing it will result in dead links and bookmarks.
    One of my pet peeves is the transience of the internet. So much useful information just vanishes overnight.

  2. I have to agree I find Blogger awkward to master, especially when they add something you don't really need, or a tool that is there that you don't even know about that could of saved you running around the bush.

    However you don't have to delete your Blog, if you move to something like Wordpress, as there is a tool that allows you to import your existing Blog into your new Blog on the Wordpress platform.

    Try this link for help:

    Hope that helps Sam.

    73 Steve