Thursday, 17 January 2013

Heelweg plans

Still packing stuff to take to the Dutch Heelweg Microwave meeting on Saturday. However, the weather looks like it means to try and intervene. Snow expected in East Anglia from lunchtime tomorrow. The forecasts are for low amounts in this area so driving across to Harwich may not be too big a problem. We'll see!
What awaits us on the otherside of the North Sea is possibly a bigger concern.
I am looking forward to seeing the refurbished Dwingeloo dish on Sunday. I hope we can make it.
More anon!

On another matter, I have been asked to produce the March Radcom VHF/UHF column prior to the new, permanent, columnist taking over from the April issue. I'm busy soliciting reports for the end of January deadline.
In particular I am interested in any reports, for any of the VHF bands, from the Quantrids meteor shower. If you have a report you would like to submit, preferably with a picture of your antenna system, I would be pleased to receive it.

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