Monday, 18 October 2010

May the Swartz Bay with you!

With apologies to Spaceballs......

This must be one of the most spectacular ferry routes in the world. Swartz Bay, Vancouver Island to Tsawassen, Vancouver.
The BC Ferry passes through a narrow inlet between some of the islands on it's way out into the Strait or Georgia on its way to Vancouver.

Altogether a surreal experience after the cross channel ferries back

Once we got back to Vancouver we decided to visit Mount Seymour Provincial Park. Although the mountain is only around 6000 feet high the view back towards Vancouver and towards the Olympic mountains are breathtaking. You can drive to around the 6000 foot level, but need to walk the remaining trail to the top ( no, we didn't!) at this time of the year as the chair lifts have all stopped.
We are spending our last night back on Granville Island in False Creek, next to central Vancouver.

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Location:Vancouver Granville Island

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  1. And do you know who's to blame for this silly national boundary?

    The British!

    In 1846, the USA and Britain signed the Oregon Treaty setting the boundary at the 49th parallel, with the exception of Vancouver Island which remained British, Sadly, they didn't notice until the surveyors extended the line West,that Point Roberts was sticking in to the USA. D'oh!!!