Saturday, 14 November 2015

Kangaroo Island

Back from Tasmania for a few days and went to Kangaroo Island. The island is 20km off Cape Jervis, south of Adelaide.
Two nights in Kingscote allowed us to visit Flinders Chase Wilderness area at the western end of the island and an hour or so from Kingscote.

Admirals arch and the New Zealand fur seals were first.

 Followed by the remarkable rocks

The heritage walk behind the Visitor centre provided both koalas and kangaroos


Saturday, 7 November 2015

And on to Burnie

We hadn't planned to visit Burnie, but as it turned out, we have!
After crossing more mountainous terrain we found ourselves near Devonport. From there we just sort of wandered along the northern coast as far as Boat Harbour Beach. Beautiful white sands.
As we had already booked into a hotel in Burnie, we wondered back here. At dusk we are going to wander over to the Glade and see if there are any platypus around this evening.

Wallabies and wombats

More anon

Here at Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, we are surrounded by wildlife. Wallabies abound (pardon the pun) around our cabin at the Lodge, and wombats roam freely.

Wallaby outside the cabin

As was this guy!

We visited the nearby Devil's Cradle to see the Tasmanian devils and quolls

And no view would be complete without this fellow wondering along the roadside

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Visiting VK7

We have been in VK for several days and are currently in Hobart. VK7MO kindly agreed we could stay at his QTH for a couple of nights and Rex has shown us around his fine city including a trip uo to the very top of Mount Wellington. Although it is now Spring down here it rained heavily yesterday, up on Mount Wellington it had fallen as snow. In consequence  it was extra cold at 1270m!

Yes, that is Hobart down below.........

Rex and I have had long talks about 10 and 24GHz EME and the benefits of portable EME operation at these frequencies.

Tomorrow we will set off for Queenstown and Strachan. The weather promises to be better later this week.

This is one view from Rex' QTH, towards the east and out towards the Tasman peninsula and Port Arthur.