Friday, 29 November 2013


I have not blogged as promised during my trip down under, but I was thwarted by Google.
As my Nexus blog is linked to my gmail account Google decided that my access from NZ was possibly fraudulent and blocked my posts. I had to verify it was actually me. So far so good. But I didn't have access to my password. Attempts to reset using Google's system don't work when you don't have cellular coverage....
I gave up in frustration.
Yes, thank you, I had a great holiday!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

More storms

After Monday's storm I thought that was it. Today it started blowing again and my son happened to mention that a dead elm tree on the edge of our property was leaning precariously towards the lane at the side of our property. Rather than leaving it to fall on a passing car it was out with the bow saw and then with a good deal of sawing, cutting of ivy with the branch loppers, and it was finally in two large pieces; ready to heave away and dispose of.

What is the radio connection? It just about missed my 40m dipole that had been collapsed down to protect it from the storm on Monday. It seems nowhere is safe from storm damage.


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