Monday, 20 February 2017


I haven't used my TS2000x for some time. Today I reconnected it to the 70cm yagi mentioned previously. I had forgotten why I really like the TS2000. Although I have both a K3 and a IC7300 (as well as an FT817) the TS2000 is still the easiest to use, even though it doesn't have a built in spectrum display and at present I can only connect to the 10.695MHz IF with my SDR-IQ for a very restricted 30kHz span display and waterfall. Even so this has proven quite adequate for digital modes.
I've also connected my spare SignaLink sound card unit for audio input for digital modes.
The TS2000 is quite deaf on 70m, but I plan to connect a PGA432 preamp through a 12v transfer relay to improve sensitivity. If I can be bothered, with the low level of 70cm activity, I will move the preamp to masthead in due course. 0.8dB system noise figure is far better than 6 or 7dB!
Maybe conditions will improve and I'll get to work a few stations outside the county........


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  1. We should try a sked Sam. Activity is very low unless there is a good opening, but do try and get on in the monthly UKAC when it is quite busy even up here.