Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Some Anglian updates

Before Christmas I asked SM5BSZ if he would like to do a set of confirmation measurements on one of my Anglian 3 transverters. Leif quickly identified a shortcoming of the main MMIC I had used in the Anglian 3. After some toing and froing it became apparent that a second source SPF5043 was superior to the original RFMD ones. I am currently trying the replacement devices and some other changes that Leif suggested and if all goes well, and there are no adverse affects on the Anglian's performance, I will upgrade the kit to include the new devices and the other changes. The initial indications are that the performance will show a worthwhile improvement in noise (not a change in noise figure) performance. You should look at Leif's Youtube channel videos for more information.

For the moment I have run out of kits and before releasing the new version (possibly the Anglian 3L) I will need to restock with the changed parts. 

Can I emphasise that the existing Anglian 3 is an excellent performer, with many users, and it has been used in a fair number of 2m contests to good effect. There is no point in upgrading unless you are after even better performance......

The changes, if adopted, will make the Anglian 3 even better. For the cost of the transverter kit it would be difficult to find anything that performs as well.

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  1. Currently using an Anglian 2 and very pleased with it. As I still have another Anglian 2 board unboxed, I might look at the mods before building that one and see if it can be improved.

    I also have the transverter block from the ME2T which uses 14 MHz IF and it would be interesting to get Leif to test that for comparison purposes.

    The Anglian has the advantage of being easy to frequency lock, the ME2T has a very stable TCXO though. The ME2T has a gain controlled stage on transmit which makes front panel power control easy. I preferred the 14 MHz IF of the ME2T when I used the KX3 ,as the VFO tuning noise blips were a problem with KX3 on 28 MHz. Now I use an IC-7600 on 28 MHz that isn't a problem.

    All in all I don't think the Anglian 2 is the limiting factor in my system. I should mention I also use the DDK PGA144 preamp ahead of the Anglian in the shack at the end of a short run of very low loss 7/8" Heliax.