Saturday, 18 February 2017


I thought I might put my 70cm yagi back on the mast. It's a 21 element Wimo and did me good  service for some years.
I want to see what 70cm is like now. It may have become a lot noisier than 4 or 5 years ago when I last had 70cm 'DX' capability. 
Ideally I want to build a new 70cm transverter, but before expending (more) time on the development of a transverter I though it might be better to just connect up my TS2000 again, but with a PGA432 preamp to lower the noise figure to something a bit better than the TS2000 can achieve!
I have a reel of M&P 15mm flexible coax and that ought to allow me to mount the preamp in the shack, initially, and yet still achieve a reasonable system NF.
I also have a 500W SSPA for the band, so that ought to help any DX hear me. However, driven by the TS2000 it is limited to 350W max out or 200W for a good IMD due to the poor TS2000 TX IMD. The SSPA was originally designed as a TV transponder amplifier. 


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  1. Looking forward to working you on 70cm with a similar setup here, currently FT-736R into LDMOS PA, single 18 element CQM And of course a DDK PGA432 preamp in shack just now at bottom of M&P low loss coax too! Have plans for using a 432 transverter with IC-7600 to give further benefits I hope.