Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Post Scotex

Back from the Scottish Microwave Round Table. I spoke on the subject of my Anglian 3 transverter.
However, the social aspects of the meeting were what it was all about. This is one of the smaller Round Tables and has a limit of just 50 attendees because of limited space in the Burntisland Communications Museum in which it is held. 
The evening meal was held in the Kingswood hotel, some 1.5 miles from the Museum and around a mile from my hotel. I was able to walk from the hotel to the Kingswood in about 20 minutes in the good company of G3AAF. We were joined by G4BAO on the way back. The excellent company and interesting chat made the cold walk quite bearable!
I have to report that the food was excellent and was extremely well prepared and served.
3/4 of the 'Microwave Band' entertained us after the meal, with some interesting and unusual musical instruments. I am completely unable to remember their names (the instruments, that is) except for the accordion and that was a bit smaller than usual.......I'm sure it has a special name as well.

As for radio since returning, well I have been back on the moon, using digital modulation on 23cm and collaring several more initials (#) for my growing 23cm total. QRA64 was very effective at allowing me to QSO G4BAO off the moon for the first time. Our dishes are just 1.9 and 2.3m diameter.

I've also been preparing to launch the PGA432 preamp kit. This is a low noise, high dynamic range, preamp with effective input filtering and bandpass output filter. Gain is adjustable and powering over coax is an option. I will announce on my web page when the kits are ready for sale.

73 de Sam