Monday, 3 October 2016

RSGB Convention

Nearly completed my slides for my talk at the Convention 'The secret life of the transverter'.
My talk is about the principles of the transverter, interfacing it to an HF rig, and some things to look for in the transverter system. I have deliberately focused on the IC7300 interfacing as a result of recent interest in this particular rig as a transverter driver.
I understand that M1BXF has acquired an IC7300 for use in the Convention HF station. If you have wondered about this rig as your next venture in SDR technology, here is your chance go come and see one in action, and maybe go hands-on with one. Then come and listen to my talk!
I am not deliberately talking about VHF transverters (my recent speciality) but rather in more general terms about the subject.

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