Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Anglian update

Sales of the Anglian 3 144MHz transverter have been going well. I have mainly been limiting sales to the UK and Europe whilst I clear my backlog of orders.
Many of my customers have been buying the 8W PA short kit as well as the transverter.
For now I am able to hold the price of the Anglian 3 to £120 but after the noticeable increase in the cost of parts for the transverter I will have to increase the price in the New Year. The increase is mainly due to many of the parts being sourced outside the UK and priced in USD which is approximately 20% higher against the GBP than before the Referendum result caused the GBP to slide to a more realistic value. 
I will take kits to the GM Microwave Round Table next month, where I will be giving a talk on the Anglian. I also plan to take kits to the Heelweg (Dutch) meeting in January. The ferry trip is already paid for!


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