Friday, 13 May 2016

2320MHz EME

Today I replaced the 6cm EME feed with the 13cm feed and hooked up the transverter and PA in the shack.
It is no where as critical to track the small 2.3m dish on the lower band as the beamwidth is so much greater.
Although I didn't see any trace of a JT65C signal from D44TVD I was asked on the HB9Q logger by UA3PTW for a sked. His -15dB signal was easy to find and he gve me -16dB. When we had completed I was called by an enormous signal that turned out to be HB9Q. His -11dB was one of the largest signals I have seen on 13cm EME. He gave me -13dB. IK3COJ then askd for a sked and we swapped -15/-20dB
This has brought me up to a logged 21DXCC on the band with 18 of these on EME. I know I have worked many more terrestrial DXCC than the 3 it looks like but these have not been transferred from my paper logs yet.

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