Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Following on from G4SWX's talk on VHF dx over 3000km I was interested to hear from WA1ZMS about the possible, recent, reception of his high power 144.285.5MHz transAtlantic beacon, located in Virginia, by a VHF op in Brazil. Assuming it is genuine and I've heard the phone app recording, but am not 100% convinced, it represents a truly remarkable distance for 144MHz and is certainly well in excess of the 3000km mentioned in John's talk. Even more remarkable is that the path is about 85 degres off the Great Circle!

If genuine then the reception of the ZMS/B beacon by PU2XIZ, and passed on by PY2DS on the phone, PY2DS feels he heard the CW and there is a very valid chance it's a true copy. 
It was possibly tropo enhanced TEP and that is being investigated using modern analysis software.
Part of the beacon sequence is clear on the recording, but not all of it.

I am sure we will hear more about this remarkble claim in due course. AO7 (I think) showed that long distances  were possible on 144MHz but not much has been reported in recent years.

Whilst I feel there are still some questions about the authenticity of this report, if proved true then it should be possible to work some truly long distances on VHF by carefully observing Hepburn and the F5LEN propagation web pages and acting on those that seem to offer good possibilities.


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