Thursday, 8 October 2015

RSGB Convention

I've spent much of this week getting kits ready to take to the RSGB Convention this weekend. I will only be there on the Saturday this year due to other commitments.
My thanks to G7OCD for producing more assembled Anglian 144MHz transverter boards in time for me to kit them ready for the weekend.
I've also kitted up 8W 144MHz PA short kits, DG8 144MHz masthead preamp short kits and a number of PGA144 low noise preamp kits.
There is no trade facility at the Convention, but if you want my of these kits you can find me either on the UKuG stand or in the VHF lecture stream in the afternoon, especially GM3SEK's talk. The other VHF talks are also very worthwhile attending as is the Microwave beginners talk by Simon. I saw his talk slides at last night's Pye and Pint CambHams get together in Barton.


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