Friday, 23 October 2015

Playing remote

Since upgrading to Win10Pro I was made aware that I could operate two such equipped PCs in remote mode without subscribing to Logmein. I hade never found LMI to be all that easy to use, even after playing with a number of the settings. Screen rendition on my rotator screen was awful. I have cancelld my automatic LMI renewal due shortly.

With W10Pro remote desktop the screen quality is excellent and I can see the individual rotator markings much clearer than before.
All remote functions are working well except the MS HD3000 USB camera. This is an excellent camera, but it won't work over the RD connection. This might be due to the driver from MS not having been upgraded yet or it might be something else I haven't identified! The are known problems with HD3000 on W10

At the moment I am running my SpidRas dish controller over the remote system and monitoring sun noise on my indoor shack TS2000X. 


This evening the St Martin EME expedition TO2EME was consistently in the -23dB range on 23cm. Some of the bigger stations were unbelievably strong on the JT screen! G3LQR was a good (EME) 569


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