Thursday, 27 August 2015

Clearing the bench

I have decided it is time to clear the workbench. I am down through the first (top) layer and starting to find the interesting stuff like coax adapters, tools and missing components.
I have decided that it is time to change the 15 year old + anti-static matting and the heat proof matting used when seam soldering PCBs into tinplate boxes. It's looking like a run to Rapid Electronics tomorrow.... First I have to reach that layer, though!

I'm hoping a clean bench will provide the encouragement I need to get on and complete some of the current ( stalled) projects.

What prompted this?
Acquiring more parts yesterday when the local computer shop announced it was closing this week and a number of PC processor heatsinks and cooling fans were made available for a small donation to the local sea rescue service. Also the imminent arrival of more amplifier PCBs and reels of components.
I also need the room to finish off the new 24GHz transverter.

Time to go and start digging, sweeping, examining, storing and throwing out, again.

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