Friday, 10 July 2015

Transverter follow up

I have commissioned another batch of Anglian transverters from my 'assembly' man!
Of these most will be for 2m, but a significant number will be 'uncommited' boards that can be either 2 or 4m ( or any other band between 220MHz and 30MHz).

As the noise problem on 4m hasn't proved to be a big problem when beaming between east through west it has not impacted my SpE activity on 4 or 6. 
DXCC and locator scores have been steadily increasing.

I am off to the Finningley Microwave Round Table on Sunday. My intention is to take a small number of various kits including the very last one of the current batch of Anglian 144MHz transverters. I will also take PCBs and devices for sale as spares or as required. As always, I will be taking the ever-popular WA5VJB PCB antennas, covering all frequencies from 400MHz to 25GHz.

Hoping to see lots of microwavers at Finningley on Sunday.



  1. Are there any 70MHz kits available please Sam?

  2. Hi Sam , I did notice a strange background noise on my 28Mhz IF when using the Anglian. Atfter some thinking and measurement , I found the problem.
    I am using an external 116Mhz oscillator (GPS locked) , so for this I took the original 116Mhz xtal out , but I should have taken the // inductor as well as the oscillator carries on to oscillate with the inductor and it was around 80 Mhz , this is what was giving me the unusual IF noise.