Friday, 10 July 2015

More EME dish

Whilst writing this morning's blog I realised I hadn't updated the EME dish story.
I have now used the 2.3m dish to receive the the DL0SHF 3cm beacon reflected off the moon. I've also received JT4F signals from G3WDG at around -6 dBJT ( dB below 0dB in 2.5kHz)
This is quite good but several dB lower than I would have expected. My tracking is still being refined. 

After my initial euphoria at being able to find moon noise, later tests showed it to be a lot more difficult to find when the moon was at low declination and was close to trees etc, possibly indicating a bit more  ground noise that there should have been. Whilst the moon was at low declination I took the opportunity to change the feed for the 23cm one to check this was still working. It is three years since I last made a 23cm EME QSO! The reason being the need to move the dish to a new location in the garden after my neighbour's extension went up and blocked my moon window from anywhere west of south. No NA stations west of the American East coast..... The new location is more prominent, but gives a longer moon window.

My attempts to improve the cage alignment seem to have paid dividends as I now get more sun noise to to cold sky on 23cm than when I was last active on the band. And yes, this is taking into account the currently higher solar flux!


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