Wednesday, 29 July 2015

First 144MHz EME QSO

After spending much of today removing my 4/6m yagi from the mast in order to put the 144MHz yagi back up I was rewarded with my first 144MHz EME QSO! 

Almost predictably the QSO was with I2FAK. Using 200W of JT65b to a YU7EF and one of my PGA144 preamps, Franco reported my signal at -21dB and he was up to -15dB with me, averaging -18dB.

I also saw an S5 calling G0GXT and PA5Y working I2FAK.  PA5Y would have been workable although his direct signal was close to and many dB stronger than the reflected signal.

The big change from previous attempts at EME on 144MHz is that the YU7EF now has a straight dipole rather than the folded dipole that had caused me so much trouble with a poor match. I have a second to add to the array at some stage.

The moon was one day past lowest declination, so at the time of the QSO, the elevation of the moon was about 15 degrees at an azimuth of 150 degrees. I suspect lots of ground gain this time!

That is now 4 bands on which I've had EME QSOs (2m,  23, 13, & 6cm) and I've heard signals on 9cm and 3cm.
Hopefully I will add these two latter ones as worked in due course and add 70cm at some stage.


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  1. Nice one. I wish my site was as quiet as yours, and I'd be tempted to have a go, but sadly not