Tuesday, 26 May 2015

PCB manufacture

Since I had an 'accident' with my etching tank around 2 years ago I have not etched any PCBs, choosing instead to have boards manufactured for me. This has been very successful but it can be expensive since it can often take three tries to get a PCB just right. Or more!

Needing a single 70MHz 30W PA board for a transverter I'm building around an Anglian transverter module I decided to ask if anyone local had a larger PA board that they weren't using. Whilst no boards were forthcoming there were several offers to etch boards for me.

However, I have decided to resurrect my own PCB-making facility. I have bought (from Rapid Electronics- surprise, everything was in stock, unlike last time I tried to order PCB materials!) a new batch of clear crystal etchant ( I hate Ferric Cloride) - too messy), sensitised board and developer crystals. I've cleaned out the etching tank and bought more chemical trays.

Tomorrow I will find out if the old magic is still there!

Among the projects I plan to have a go at are the long-talked-about 432>28MHz transverter. 
It is unlikely I will offer any of these transverters as kits ( assuming it is successful) but may well offer PCBs and a few of the more difficult to obtain parts. Please don't ask 'when?' as it is not an immediate project, but I do have a personal need for one and that often acts as the catalyst!


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