Monday, 11 May 2015

Dayton 2015

Getting ready to travel to Dayton later this week.
I'm travelling via Virginia, with WA1ZMS. 500 miles across the Appalachians and W Virginia before the flatlands of Ohio. 
Whahooo! one more state ticked off on my list. Virginia. That makes 36 states, I think.

I will tweet progress on my @DXing Twitter account.

I plan to spend much of my time in the fleamarket, either on WA5VJB's or WA1ZMS' stands.


1 comment:

  1. Dayton is a must if you only do it once in a lifetime. Passing throug WV you will see exotically named places such as White Sulphur Springs, before you head west into OH.
    Prepare to be disappointed by the Hara Arena though, there are much better rally venues in the UK. It's also worth considering stopping a few miles away from the venue, head north up I75 and there are some cool old down such as Urbana and Sidney.