Saturday, 30 May 2015

4m transverter

Although I haven't advertised them, I have been making 4m versions of the Anglian kit available.
Since getting back from Dayton I was determined to finish a new 4m transverter incorporating the Anglian module with one of the 30W Mitsubishi blocks. This is destined for a customer of mine.
I finished the transverter last night, just in time to take it to the Codgers breakfast this morning.

After a few tweeks to the grounding around the module and replacing the cheap Chinese power lead ( it came with a moulded plug and socket) I am now seeing over 50W saturated output. At 30W PEP the output IMD seems to be quite acceptable.

Unfortunately my QTH seems to suffer an abnormally high noise level on 4m. It is far worse on 4 than on either 6 or 2m. The noise level increases over 10dB in all directions away from due south.
I think it is time to do some serious investigating as I really would like to get back on 4m myself and I still have one of my original Nacton 4m transverters and a 150W SSPA. Nice!


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