Wednesday, 4 March 2015

EME mount

It was warm enough today (10C) that I could move the pallet mount to its new position in the middle of the lawn.
This is the same mount I was using several years ago for 23 through 6cm EME. 

After considerable discussion with G3WDG I have decided to go with linear polarisation on 3cm, so I can use my Chaparral feed, which is well suited to my KTI prime focus dish. It is easy to change from vertical to horizontal polarisation with the way I have arranged the focus box in the cage.

I have been promised a potent SSPA but I'm still waiting for the DL/PA0 LNA.  In the meantime I will probably try my Octagon LNB-based LNA in front of the frequency-locked DB6NT G3 transverter.

The biggest challenge is still going to be tracking and I'm going to try a simple system used by both G3WDG and G3LTF. This system combines moon noise tracking with a tweakable auto tracking arrangement. The Spid RAS tracking system will be uncoupled and used only for approximate position indicating when on 3cm.

A remote digital inclinometer gives absolute moon elevation as a back up and confidence booster.

I hope to re-install the 23 and 13cm system on the dish in due course.

The moon can be seen in the eastern sky to the right of the Spid RAS positioned.

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