Saturday, 3 January 2015

Moved the shack indoors

Now that it has become increasingly difficult to keep the garage shack warm enough to be comfortable, I have moved the main rig back indoors and using the coax cables between the two shacks to allow me to keep the transverters and PAs in the outside shack. The six wire control cable is used for PTT and for bringing remote meter readings back to the indoor shack.
One innovation this year has been to combine the K3 28Mhz IF transmit and receive with an MCL BNC combiner in the indoor shack, at the back of the K3. In the outdoor shack I've put another (SMA) MCL splitter inside the Anglian transverter to split the 28Mhz IF back to transmit and receive, again. This way I use just one cable, at 28MHz, for the RF path between the shacks.
The second, lower loss, coax can be used for another IF! e.g. for the 23, 13 and 3cm bands using the K3 or another rig.
Rotator control uses my ERC controlled Yaesu G1000DXC, over the home WiFi network and outside shack PC.


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  1. Nice. I have a similar remote transverter bank.

    As you may know, the W1GHZ miniverters which I use along with a VHF Apollo to provide the 2m and 70cm IF for microwave have only one IF port. Meanwhile my XV70 and XV144 have TX and RX ports. The K3 has TX and RX. I didn't have a splitter to hand so I used a BNC T-piece. Seems to work. Now why? Well the K3 XV interface has TX/RX relays in it, so do the XV transverters. Not sure why they don't use just one cable. Its a bit of a mess with open circuit coax connections but its only 28MHz and they are fairly short links.

    My plan is to produce a box with lots of BNCs in the back and a set of PCB relays to do this properly, but as it seems to work as it is and the incentive is low. It would make a good Express PCB project.