Sunday, 16 November 2014

2300MHz beacon

IIt was good to see signals from the G4JNT 2300.350MHz ( new band) personal beacon this afternoon. The computer managed to decode several two and three minute periods. Reception was principally by aircraft reflection ( know as AS or AR) and easily identified by the fast Doppler. JT65C is not an ideal mode for AR ( I personally prefer AR rather than AS) and Andy has said he will change the modulation scheme to ISCAT-A later this week. This scatter mode is better suited to aircraft reflection ( Maybe!).

I would not have been able to participate in the tests today except that I had a weekend visit from G4FRE. Amongst the various radio jobs we got done, Dave re-flashed my Apollo 32 LO synthesiser ( Google either Apllo 32 or N5AC) so that it now thinks it is an Apollo 256 and now has 1078 rather than 1078.5MHz as one of the output options (1078 *2 = 2156 + 144 = 2300).
Dave also updated my K3 and P3 software to the latest version. I didn't know it had changed. Now I can use 10MHz as an IF for 472kHz.......

With Andy's personal beacon on 2300.350MHz it was possible to use my 67 element Wimo yagi to listen via my homebrew 13cm transverter and K3 transceiver. Currently the yagi is connected via 5dB of loss direct to the shack where a 0.3dB G4DDK VLNA13 feeds the transverter. I am tempted to NOT put the preamp at masthead as the engineering required gets complicated as two feeders plus power feeding needs to be provided. I am not convinced the effort required is worthwhile at this stage. But.......
Whilst Dave was here he loaded up my 40m inverted V on several bands, in turn, and connected his Anan10 in order to WSPR and see where we could get to. I don't have a record of where the signal got to but I was impressed with 10m and may well connect my own transmitter to the same dipole and have a go. It is months since I did any WSPRing on then on 40m.
I may also be in line to get a WSPR Ultimate 3 transmitter. Should be different!

Back to sorting the 13cm preamp interface. I can run around 250W in the shack. With 5dB feeder loss the coax is not going to freeze........


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