Sunday, 19 October 2014

144MHz transverter construction

Now that I have finished my 'run' of talks on the Anglian, I have stripped out my temporary homebrew 144MHz transverter unit, ready to add in the PA and the 116MHz GPS locked LO.
Both these units were used as demo pieces for my talks.
I have mounted a small (40mm) diameter fan to the rear panel so as to blow or draw some cooling air across the PA components as the PA will be mounted to one of the case side walls. There will be no external heat sink on the case. At 4W PEP out and class AB operation, the aluminium case wall should be sufficient to dissipate the heat of the PA with quite acceptable temperature rise inside the case.
I will post a picture of the finished transverter on here later this week ( optimistic?).


1 comment:

  1. Sam, transverter and PA module work perfect, 70+ EME QSO's within 3 weeks. Setup is Flex 1500 - XTVR - SSPA and 4x7 LFA yagi.
    many thanks for this excellent product!

    73 OE3NFC / Norbert