Saturday, 6 September 2014

144Mhz results

I took the opportunity to listen and operate during the 144MHz Trophy contest.
100mW is not a lot to use during such a contest and indeed I worked one ON using the 100mW and he told me he was using 1kW! There was a slight difference in the reports with 40dB power difference......
What was interesting was the difference in ability of some stations to hear me and others to not even notice that anyone was calling them. How much was down to receiver blocking at their end and how much to shear QRM will never be known. 
An interesting evening.

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  1. Hi Sam, I was at that time the operator at ON4WY. Our contest station is an old Icom dual bander who drives aGS35 liniar (1kW out) .

      We can switch between three dual eight antennas connected as an omni and two 17 element phased beams ( boom abt 6 meter).

    The antennas are connected with about 30 meter 7/8 Cellflex and we have a BF981 preamp just before the ICom Tranceiver.

    Even on the omni, we hear you very well.

    73's de ON6EO