Saturday, 30 August 2014

Return from EME2014

It has taken me several days to recover from the trip to EME 2014 in Brittany. Not because of the travel but because of illness. Somewhere I managed to ingest some shellfish. I never knowingly ate any, but...... It has taken until today to get my appetite back!

Illness aside, it was a good Conference, with lots of interesting information gained, enthusiasm for EME renewed and, more importantly, lots of old friendships renewed and new ones made.

Pleumeur Bodou is an interesting place. As well as being a world famous satellite site, where the first successful transAtlantic transmission was made from Andover Maine to Europe (when Goonhilly mixed up left and hand and right hand circular polarisation) in July 1962 on Telstar, it is on the Rose Granite Coast with lots of spectacular great granite boulders all along the coast.

I worked their 5.7GHz amateur band EME station, TM8PB, back in 2012, using my 2.3m EME dish, so was pleased to personally see the station at the other end of my contact.

In the photo you can also see a long 2m EME yagi bolted to the side of the dish!

In all there were 110 registered attendees plus a number of partners, making a total in excess of 150. The Pleumeur Bodou radio club hosted the event with the organisation being made by F2CT and his XYL together with a number of other French radio amateurs. They did a great job ( except for the weather!). 
It rained on and off for the two days of the Conference, with a long enough break to take the group photos. These will appear elsewhere in due course. I wasn't able to take any group photos this year.

An enjoyable few days. My thanks to the organisers for a job well done. Maybe a few points off for the caterers................!

The next International EME event is scheduled for Venice in 2016.


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