Monday, 4 August 2014

My grandfather in WW1

I am posting this as a tribute to my paternal grandfather, Edward Jewell.
'Ted' joined up to the Royal Sussex Regiment on the 19th February 1915 at the age of 18.
He was sent to France on 10th December 1915

On the 14 February 1916 (St Valentines day) he was wounded by shell fire and evacuated to Boulogne and thence returned to to England on the St David hospital ship.

After several months in the Norfolk Hunstanton VAD hospital he was turned to France on 29th September 1916. To the Somme, again!

He still had shrapnel in his upper body. It could not be removed without further damage.

On November 28 1916 he was digging a trench in the Somme when it caved in on him. He and others were buried or trapped.

My grandfather was buried up to his waist in mud and water for three days. When found and dug out he was evacuated  to an unidentified field hospital in France. There he was diagnosed as having trench foot and subsequently had both feet amputated on the 12th December.

He was returned to England and then had a double Syme's amputation of his lower legs. Separate to the removal of his feet.

He spent months at Roehampton hospital recuperating and for the fitting of artificial limbs.

He married Grace in November 1920. My father was born in 1921.

Ted lived until he was 72 when he died of a massive heart attack at the Royal Berkshire hospital in Reading. 

He suffered deteriorating health from the time of his amputation, but managed to live a full life.
I am very proud of my grandfather.


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